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Medical three-layer disposable protective masks type2 with 99% filtration 50pcs
Medical three-layer disposable protective masks type2 with 99% filtration 50pcs
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Medical three-layer disposable protective masks type2 with 99% filtration 50pcs

12.60 лв.
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  • Weight: 0.21

  • - 2 Layers of hypoallergenic non-woven material - 100% polypropylene
  • - 1 layer of Melt-blown fabric
  • Protects against viruses and bacteria
  • - High Surface Tension Integrated Filter
  • - Hydrophobic
  • - One-time
  • - Elastic Ear Fixation
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  • - Nose Fixation
  • - Breathable

Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene Spunbond - liquid resistant and breathable fabric.

Small droplets are released into the air when you talk, cough, and sneeze. These droplets can carry viruses. Wearing a face mask can reduce the number of droplets released by the wearer into the air, which can protect others.

The mask is designed to limit transmission of infectious agents by the patient and staff during non-surgical procedures and others with similar requirements. The medical/surgical mask has an adequate microbial barrier and may also be effective in reducing the shedding of infectious agents from the nose and mouth of an asymptomatic carrier or patient.
Color: Blue

Dimensions: 17.5cm. X 9.5cm.

50 pcs. in a box

Made in European Unionh



- ISO 9001:2015

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