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Aldekat concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces 1l
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Aldekat concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces 1l

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Aldequat  cleaning concentrate and  disinfection of surfaces 1l.


Aldequat is intended for manual or machine cleaning and disinfection of waterproof (plastic, metal, ceramic, sanitary ware, glass, painted wooden, etc.) surfaces in healthcare and medical facilities, public facilities (schools, kindergartens, social facilities, hotels, cosmetic and sports facilities), pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


Aldequat is a concentrate containing no formaldehyde, phenols or free chlorine. Its active ingredients are biodegradable. It contains corrosion inhibitors and the various waterproof materials can be repeatedly treated without being damaged. Aldequat has a low allergic potential and does not have an allergic effect on users. It has a wide range of germicidal action at a low concentration of the working solution. Easily soluble, its working solutions are pleasantly flavored and can be used for up to 14 days.


Color concentrate:       & nbsp;   son

pH(concentrate)                     3.0 -4.5

pH 1 %aqueous solution       & ;nbsp; 6.5 –7.0

Density                       nbsp;          1.065g/cm3

Composition of the preparation

Each 100 g of Aldequat contains:

Active substances:

0.5 g Glutaraldehyde (CAS 111-30-8)

12.0 g Glyoxal (CAS 107-22-2)

2.0 g 1,6-Dihydroxy-2,5-dioxahexane (CAS 3586-55-8)

5.0 g Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (CAS 7173-51-5) Other ingredients:

Corrosion inhibitors, chelating agents, nonionic surfactants, perfume composition

Action spectrum

Bactericidal (incl. MRSA), mycobactericidal (incl. tuberculocidal), fungicidal and virucidal action (HAV /HBV/HCV/HIV).

Microbiological activity


Test method


Bactericidal action (P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, E.coli)


EN 13697

60 min

Fungicidal action (C.albicans, A.niger)


EN 13697

60 min

Bactericidal action (P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, E.coli,E.hirae)


EN 1276

30 min

Fungicidal action (C.albicans, A.niger)


EN 1650

30 min

Bactericidal action ( MRSA)


EN 1040

30 min

0.50 %

5 min

Mycobactericidal (tuberculocidal) action (M.terrae, M.avium)


EN 14348

60 min



Virucidal action (HAV/HBV/HCV/HIV)



0.50 %

Standard of the German Association for the Control of

viral diseases



60 min

Preparation of working solutions for disinfection of surfaces

Aldequat is supplied as a concentrate and should be administered in accordance with recommended concentrations and exposure times (see dosage table).

When preparing the working solutions, use appropriate personal protective equipment.


Use the included measuring cup or other automatic dosing devices for quick, easy and convenient preparation of the working solution. The preparation is dissolved in water (at room temperature) and, when dosing with a measuring cup, first the corresponding work vessel is filled with water and then the specified amount of preparation is added. After a short stirring, the preparation is ready for use. There are no water hardness requirements.

Disinfection is carried out by wiping until the surfaces are completely wet with a sufficient amount of solution using a suitable means or device (machine).

Dosage Table

Disinfection object

Action Spectrum

Working solution




Cleaning and disinfection of any non-porous, waterproof surfaces

Bactericidal and fungicidal

0.25 %

(25 ml/10 l water)


60 min

Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal

0.50 % (50 ml/10 l)


60 min

Mycobactericidal, incl. tuberculocidal

1.50 % (15 ml/1 l)

60 min

When applying the disinfectant to surfaces and objects that come into contact with food, the same after expiration of the exposure time, rinse with drinking water.

Permanence of 0.25% working uncontaminated solution determined by the relative reduction in the content of active ingredients. Norm - max. reduction 3.5%.

< ;td style="width:48px;">

2.2 %



Relative reduction of active cells on day 14 (%)







Glutaral, mg/dm3







3.2 %

(1,6-Dihydroxy-2,5- dioxahexane, mg/dm3

Glyoxal, mg/dm3







2.8 %

Conclusion< ;/strong>

Uncontaminated working solutions of Aldequat when stored in covered containers can be used for at least 14 days after their preparation.

Compatibility with other materials:

Glass and ceramics

Metals: aluminum, stainless steel, copper , brass, anodized aluminum, etc. Synthetic materials: polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, silicone, polyethylene, rubber, latex, etc.

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children. In well-closed original packaging in dry and ventilated rooms, protected from direct sunlight, at temperatures from 2 to 40º C.


In case of eye contact rinse them immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. In case of contact with the skin, immediately wash thoroughly with soap and water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention immediately and show the package or label.

Treatment of waste quantities and packaging

Yes do not release the concentrate into the environment - see special instructions / safety data sheet.


Tubes of 3, 5 and 10 l and vials of 1000ml

Expiry Date

2 years< /p>


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